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We would like to point out, before we start our review, that our company specializes in rentingpremium real estate in Chisinau. Our analysis is focused on properties that can be considered as being in our field of expertise. The present survey is based on our experience and on the contracts thatwe have managed for the past 11 years between owners and tenants in the local real estate market. Our expertise insures thatour listings will quite accurately reflect the degree of popularity fordifferent apartment buildings,as it is perceived by the potential renters of premium real estate in Chisinau. As our work continues, and the market dynamics change,our aim will be to keep you informed about new properties that may come into the market, and the status of the five existing most popular ones.

Full Listing. Our list includes apartment buildings in Chisinau within the following parameters:

a. Properties that can be recognized as premium or selected.
b. Some of the apartments in the properties have been or are being let for rent.
c. Rentals in the above properties have either been managed or brokered by Glemus Ltd. directly, or have been placed in the market with some degree of participation from Glemus Ltd.

We are being contacted on a regular basis by owners looking to find the right tenants for their apartments; some owners may also wish to have their properties managed by our company. We carefully select the properties that we take under our direct management to ensure that every apartment will offer the same quality standards. As new locations will be added to our portfolio, the list will be updated accordingly.

Top Five Excellent Properties. So what makes an apartment building popular among the potential tenants? Quality-price ratio is clearly the most important factor. read more