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We would like to point out, before we start our review, that our company specializes in rentingpremium real estate in Chisinau. Our analysis is focused on properties that can be considered as being in our field of expertise. The present survey is based on our experience and on the contracts thatwe have managed for the past 11 years between owners and tenants in the local real estate market. Our expertise insures thatour listings will quite accurately reflect the degree of popularity fordifferent apartment buildings,as it is perceived by the potential renters of premium real estate in Chisinau. As our work continues, and the market dynamics change,our aim will be to keep you informed about new properties that may come into the market, and the status of the five existing most popular ones.

Full Listing. Our list includes apartment buildings in Chisinau within the following parameters: read more
Top Five Excellent Properties. So what makes an apartment building popular among the potential tenants? Quality-price ratio is clearly the most important factor.

1. Location is very important, but the term “Good Location” may be a changing notion to different clients. Most of the clients who have an interest in premium property rental are foreigners.Clients need to be able to get to their working place comfortably, and access all necessary services with ease. But foreigners also care to live in an area they heard of from colleagues and acquaintances, or that they have read about online, so that they will be close to other members of their small community and feel part of it when away from home. In our experience, the area that is more popular among foreigners in Chisinau is located withinBulgara, P. Movila, A. Mateevici and M. Dosoftei streets.

2. Interior and exterior condition of the building is very important to the quality of one’s stay.Clean and well lit entrances, availability of lifts and car parking, and additional facilities for tenants (like the free gym at Crown Plaza, or the pool for children in Lara City) are just few of the many elements any tenant will wish to find when choosing a location for their life away from their own home.

3. Security and the option for facilities in the yard are also very important elements to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

The optimal ratio between the quality of the location and its rental price create the status of “Excellent Properties”. We made a list of the top five “Excellent Properties”,according to our experience in the market place.

Ratings and popularity are dynamic.This is why our list will be updated every autumn starting from the year 2012. We will take into account the situation in the real estate market, but above all we will listen carefully to everything that our clients will tell us, so that our list will reflect as much as possible what customers wish, need and pay for.