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Apartment building on 48, Eminescu street.

  Active rental listings: 0 apartments
  Average rent
  One-bedroom: n/a
  Two-bedroomm: 1000 euro

Building Description

Compact, four-level, one-doorway residential building located on 48 Eminescu str in Chisinau was built in 2003 by the project led by architect V. Shelaginov. The ground floor from the front side of the building is used for commercial purpose and for 6 garages in the backyard. The same number of apartments of 150 sq. m each are located on the 3 other floors, two apartments on each floor. There is no lift in the building. The drive way to the yard common for the 4 apartment buildings is available as from Eminescu str so from 31 August str. All the apartments face both sides: living room to the drive way and bedrooms to the yard.