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Residential building on 11/5, Trandafirilor street

Residential building on 11/5, Trandafirilor street
  Active rental listings: 0 apartments
  Average rent
  One-bedroom: 450 euro
  Two-bedroomm: n/a

Building Description

13 floor building with 4 stair wells, called Carterul Spaniol was built in 2010 by the project of Spanish architect Emilio Garsia. There are 140 apartments of the area of 32 to 90 sq.m. There is two level underground parking providing 80 parking spaces in the building. The entrance to the parking is available from the building inside. The elevator goes only to the upper level of the parking. The heating system is private in each apartment but only for one of the stairwells, the other apartments in the other three stairwells are provided with heating system by separate boiler plant. The heating is calculated by the private heating meters. There is electronic key access to each door way.