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General Contracting

If you intend to remodel a house, or apartment, in Chisinau, Moldova, it is likely that you would look to hire a professional, who would know how to manage all aspects of the job, ensure that the work will progress on schedule, and ultimately achieve the fulfillment of your desires.

We, as a company, are able to offer personalized, turnkey residential general contractor service, to design, supply, build, and install all that is required to bring your project to completion, and have it ready for walk-in. Our experience in the local environment allows us to provide our customers with good quality, cost effective solutions, for all types of construction projects. Our services are based on the Cost Plus Fee model, and can deal effectively with large-scale renovations, as well as interior design and furnishing for properties to be rented. We only work with highly competent, licensed contractors‏.

We measure our success not only in terms of profit, but also, and especially, on the scale of our contribution to the full satisfaction of our customers.

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